A Revolutionary Motion Picture Viewing Experience.

WV Sphere 5.2 is a motion picture system that is able to project 4K or 8K images onto a hemispherical screen with the following dimensions: Width 5.2m, Height 3.4m, Depth 2.6m. While the images are being projected, seats are able to move in sync with the on-screen action. Wind and/or appropriate sound effects can also be added. The result is a unique virtual reality viewing experience appealing directly to the 5 senses. Multiple usages and viewer options are made possible by altering motion based payload capacity or by switching to stationary seating mode.

Quick Set Up Enabling Endless Possibilities.

Electric movement of frames supporting the sphere coupled with projection by a single projector onto the spherical surface allow for assembly and adjustments in a short period of time. Set up procedure has been simplified requiring no special training.

Multiple Usages,
Endless Possibilities

The WV 5.2 can be further expanded using multiple associated systems. Depending on the desire of the spectators, they can sit and observe the motion pictures either while seats are in motion (ride type) or stationary (theater type), or simply observe while standing in front of the sphere. By changing the number of panels, the screen can be altered to achieve 100°, 180°, 260°, or 360° (entire circumference). The screen can also be altered to utilize only the lower or upper portion. A network can be built within the package making possible connections/interactions with many other systems on a global scale.





Basic Package

* Specifications are subject to change without notice/


* As of May 2017


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